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As a company starts to develop or grow, in many cases its need for floor space follows suit. That’s usually when the questions start piling up: Should we go for a new building, conversion or extension? What authorisations do we need? Who should I commission to handle the architectural design and structural implementation? And who is going to help with the start of operations?

The answers certainly don’t come easily. No matter whether it’s your first or tenth construction project, or whether or not you have your own construction department: construction is a complex business. It always involves high investment costs and a long-term approach to design and decision-making processes.

That’s why it’s great to have a point of contact who can offer comprehensive advice. As a general contractor, GOLDBECK offers a comprehensive range of services throughout the entire real estate life cycle – from design to new construction or building refurbishment and long-term property management.

And we can confidently say from experience that the sooner we get acquainted, the better your real estate project will be.


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Warehouses and industrial buildings

Ask any logistics provider about their priorities and speed will be high on the list from as early as the construction phase. Our systematised processes allow us to plan and build warehouses in next to no time, creating the perfect space for transporting, picking and storing goods that falls precisely in line with your material flows – including automatic linkage of storage and transport and loading technology.

Your personal points of contact

Right where you need them.


Over the last 50 years, we have successfully brought over 10,000 projects to fruition. Our family company is firmly rooted in regional medium-sized companies, although we have expanded our client base over the years to include large corporations, public-sector clients, developers and investors.

With 111 locations throughout Europe, we are always right where you need us and well aware of the relevant regional circumstances. Your personal point of contact will be right by your side from the initial handshake to the handover of the keys, leaving you free to focus on your core business for the entire duration of the project. Behind the scenes, 12.000 people work tirelessly to ensure that your construction project is carried out quickly, economically and successfully.

Planned digitally

Built systematically.


So how do we do what we do? Digitally and systematically every step of the way. All of our designs – including civil engineering and free areas, structural engineering and architecture, mechanical and electrical building services and energy management – are created with the help of Building Information Modelling, or ‘BIM’ for short. This helps to identify dependencies at an early stage, avoids errors, increases efficiency and ensures that all aspects of the project run seamlessly together while your building comes to life.

As for our construction method, this is based on well thought-out system components that we industrially pre-produce in ten of our own plants and assemble into turnkey buildings on the construction site in next to no time. Not only is this an economical approach designed to ensure consistent qualities, but it also offers significant savings in terms of both resources and emissions.


Invisible standardisation, visible customisation.


There’s nothing for you to worry about either, as our system runs discreetly in the background to provide you and us with the scope for individual and extraordinary architecture. Still sceptical? Head down to one of our System Centers and come away brimming with inspiration after experiencing full-scale exhibits, extensive material samples and a whole host of exciting technology presentations! Our virtual reality technology will allow you to experience building structures and facades up close, configure spatial concepts and see how you feel about different materials and furnishing options. It’s a great way for us to really dig down into your requirements for the building and how it will ultimately be used.