Our mobility is changing, and so are the demands on contemporary multi-storey car parks. We know what will matter tomorrow – and we are implementing it today.
  • Additionally, we offer our customers facility maintenance services and can also handle the parking management, if desired. The comprehensive experiences that we collect in this process flow into the constant development of our parking solutions – future viability included. 


    1/6  Multi-storey car park types

    Multi-storey car parks for employees

    • Architectural originals thanks to creative facades 
    • Intricate construction system avoids ceiling supports in parking areas 
    • Especially user-friendly through sensory parking guidance technology and intuitive signposting concepts 
    • Photovoltaics 
    • Extensible charging infrastructure and billing systems 
    • Especially low-maintenance thanks to uncoated concrete 
    Gateway Gardens Frankfurt a. M.
    Multi-storey car parks of the future

    We offer four suppositions. 


    In the future, new mobility concepts will change many aspects of our day-to-day reality, including the way we park. But what will it look like, this multi-storey car park of the future?

    We’re at your side!

    Over the entire lifetime of the building – before, during and after construction.

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