Parking Services


Mobility & parking management

Anyone operating car parks today has to deal with many essential issues. When it comes to parking facilities, we consider ourselves to be experts. One of every two above-ground multi-storey car parks in Germany is built by GOLDBECK. And with GOLDBECK Parking Services, we manage and operate around 200 car parks with more than 100,000 parking spaces throughout Germany and Austria.


To make mobility convenient and efficient, we take a holistic approach to mobility and car park management. We offer customised service packages for every type of parking facility. We secure the value of your property and drive forward the technologies of the future. Whether free-flow solutions, e-charging infrastructure or mobility apps: our solutions are flexible, well thought-out and geared towards the future of mobility.

Our strengths

We ensure the greatest possible parking convenience in car parks around the clock. Our aim: The right service at all times, the highest service quality and all services from a single source.


  • Intelligent car park and mobility solutions
  • Flexible and connected software solutions
  • Scalable and future-proof e-charging solutions
  • Holistic approach for long-term value retention


We stay by your side and accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your parking property – individually, reliably and with foresight.

A holistic approach of parking
With comprehensive services for your car park – geared towards the future of mobility
  • Our services

Maintenance & renovation

We make your parking property fit for the future – whether multi-storey or underground car park. As experts in the renovation and maintenance of car park properties, our expertise lies in the planning, construction and operation of pioneering car parks.


We advise you on how you can modernise your property economically and offer you innovative revitalisation concepts and their implementation from a single source. We accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your car park property - individually, reliably and with a holistic view of all challenges.

+charge E-Mobility

The increasing demand for e-mobility is leading to new challenges. In addition to a customised operating concept, a reliable, holistic charging infrastructure is required. We don't leave you to face this challenge alone and combine hardware, maintenance, operation and service in a smart way. With +charge E-Mobility, we configure your customised service package and prepare your building for the future.


E-charging made easy. Demand-orientated and flexible.

Sustainable Services

Those who do not make their real estates climate-friendly now, are putting their value at risk in the long term.


As a strong and trustworthy partner, we support our clients along the path to carbon-neutral operations. Our operational experts develop innovative and future-proof service concepts in close coordination with all stakeholders involved with the primary goal of making the life cycle of real estate as long-lasting and at the same time sustainable as possible.

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