The complete solution for your electric vehicle

With the popularity of electric vehicles continuing to soar and sustainability becoming increasingly important for your building, a reliable charging infrastructure that can scale with your needs is now more important than ever. It is also essential to note that you are legally required to comply with the Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG).


With our flexible and needs-based GOLDBECK solution, we will not leave you to face these challenges alone.

Here at GOLDBECK, we offer our customers everything from a single source – from hardware and maintenance through to operation and service. With +charge E-mobility, you receive a tailored, fully customisable package designed to meet your needs and those of your users, providing all the essential services for deploying and operating electric charging points efficiently and profitably.


We make your building fit for the future!

Your benefits

  • Can be retrofitted and expanded at any time
  • Can be incorporated into existing charging points
  • Minimised downtime; rapid response times
  • Independent price setting as the economic owner
  • Individual pricing models for various user groups
  • Increased location appeal and user friendliness
Versatile and flexible
We work with you to develop a bespoke service package that meets all current market and legal requirements.
  • Hardware & maintenance
  • Operation & Service
We’re right by your side!
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