In-house production – The perfect system

We produce the majority of our system components in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic – something we consider one of the most important factors for success. What’s more, by relying on in-house production, we can always be sure of the consistently reliable quality of our products. 


It also means that we do not have to factor in adverse weather conditions or delivery times when bringing your building project to life. We channel the experience we gain through design, construction and building operation directly into the production process, enabling us to bring your buildings to life economically, quickly and sustainably with the perfect functionality. 

Our plants

We produce our system building elements for steel load-bearing structures and aluminium elements in our two plants in Bielefeld as well as in Plauen and Łódź. We also have eight precast concrete parts plants: in Hamm, Vöhringen, Kirchberg, Kutná Hora, Žatec, Tovačov, Rakowice Male and Toruń.Through the acquisition of the Danish company DS Gruppen, three additional plants in Denmark complement our production. In total, we count 15 plants in Europe. 

Pioneering technologies with a high degree of automation ensure smooth industrial production of our system building elements. 


Production of the future

What technologies will allow us to produce, in our own plants, the construction elements that are needed to extend our competitive edge and maintain our number-one status in the industry in future? Our aim is to maintain our future-oriented approach going forward. 


To this end, we have worked together with Porsche Consulting to create models for our future concrete and steel construction plants that allow us to react flexibly to changing demands. We are also in constant communication with our team at our GOLDBECK location in Silicon Valley, as well as with the CIFE at Stanford University and local start-ups, to further develop our production facilities.  


It goes without saying that we always have our colleagues firmly in mind, because a higher degree of automation makes life easier all round. Plus with robots taking over the heavy-duty tasks, this frees up capacity for a whole host of new activities. 

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