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Our in-house production of system components is an integral element in our corporate philosophy.

GOLDBECK’s production companies ensure the quality of our products and keep us independent of external delivery times. Our experiences gained through construction and building operation are channelled directly into our production, enabling us to serve our clients by building faster and better.


In our production plants today, besides steel construction components, we manufacture precast concrete parts, sheet metal for facades, and windows and doors in the area of metalworking. The central departments of the production companies help ensure the efficiency of the production process. About 40 per cent of our current employees work in the production companies.

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plant locations

Our plants are located in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark.Their focus is on the processing of steel, metal or concrete, depending on the particular plant.

Insight into production

Our production facilities are tailored for our construction systems, are well structured and are organised in a way that minimises waste. We are continuously developing the technology in use at the plants.  Furthermore, we apply the 6S principle in order to facilitate structured workplace organisation and to prevent waste. This enables us, for example, to produce one window every ten minutes at one of our plants in Bielefeld. 

The central departments

What we stand for: efficient production processes.
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    Central Logistics

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