And what do you do after leaving school?


Getting started in your professional life.


An apprenticeship is the perfect way to get started in your professional career. Here at GOLDBECK, you have the choice between three apprenticeship tracks and ten different trades.


If you’d rather start an apprenticeship than carry on studying, you’re in the right place!


Maybe you went straight on to uni after school then decided it wasn’t right for you. Does that sound familiar? No problem! Dropping out of university isn’t an issue for us at all – quite the opposite, in fact! It means you know when something isn’t working out for you, which is an important skill to have.

Dual study programme

Apprenticeship or academic studies? Why not do both!


A dual study programme gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge directly into practice within the company. Here at GOLDBECK, we offer a wide range of courses with more than 20 specialisations throughout Germany, which is why we work closely with our partner universities. On completion of the course, not only will you come out with either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Engineering/Science, but you will have already gained valuable professional experience.

Discover what works
for you best

The application process

So you always know what's next.
  • 01
    Application documents
    Application documents
    The written part.

    Cover letter 
    Draft a cover letter that highlights your strengths and tells us exactly why you want to do this particular apprenticeship or sandwich coursedual study programme. 

    Prepare a CV in tabular format. 

    We require your two most recent transcripts. 

  • 02
    Online application
  • 03
    Confirmation of receipt
  • 04
    Online test/assessment centre
  • 05
  • 06
    Signing your contract

Internships for school-age students

Try out some professions before you decide!


What does an architectural draughtsperson actually do?
What does ‘technical building equipment’ really mean?


Before deciding on a profession, you should know what your future job is all about. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to try out different professional areas as part of your internship experience.