We offer students the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive insight into working life, whether that’s through an internship or a placement. You will work on live projects and gain valuable professional experience, and we are also happy to support you when it comes to writing your dissertation.


Tips for your

Show us who you are!
We receive countless applications every day, so we’ve seen all the usual clichés a thousand times.
  • Our tips:
  • Who are you?

    Make sure your application clearly expresses why you are applying for the position. If we can really sense your enthusiasm for the role, that’s far more important to us than your grades.


    • The best time to apply is around three months in advance.
    • You should also remember to include the following information in your application.


    General information about our application process can be found under application & onboarding.

  • Internship
    • Do you have a particular time frame in mind for your internship?
    • How long should the internship be?
    • Is the internship compulsory (in which case please remember to attach the corresponding proof) or voluntary?
  • Placement
    • When would you like to start?
    • How long would you like the placement to last?
    • How many hours could you work during the semester?
    • Please remember to include a valid proof of enrolment.
  • Dissertation
    • Be sure to mention in your cover letter that you are interested in writing your dissertation after the internship.
    • Share any ideas you may already have about the topic.
    • Include any key dates and deadlines.
GOLDBECK prospects
GOLDBECK prospects

The Alumni programme.


As a future-oriented family business, we pride ourselves on the excellent prospects we offer our junior staff. Those who demonstrate promising potential during their student work experience have a good chance of being taken on at the end of their studies.

What’s more, our ‘Perspektive GOLDBECK’ (GOLDBECK prospects) is also open to interns and working students.