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    As a portfolio owner, you want to know your investments are secure for the long term. It helps to have a partner at your side keeping your real estate portfolio in top form, both in business and technical terms.
  • Office buildings, industrial buildings, retail properties or multi-storey car parks – real estate is considered to be an attractive and inflation-proof investment asset. We subscribe to this view. But we also know that securing and indeed maximising real estate value for the long term is a complex task with various nuts and bolts that need to be perfectly interlocked – especially if you’re not just dealing with a single building but a decentralised real estate portfolio containing completely different asset classes.


    A key criterion for lasting value is the consistent functionality of your properties. Building maintenance, regular upkeep and repairs, or technical upgrades and modifications – facility management is very time-consuming, and it can be challenging to find a reliable partner locally.

    Yet even a technically optimised building doesn’t automatically bring returns. Business property management is the main way for you to maximise value. This involves strategic portfolio management as well as expert personalised marketing and skilful lease administration. Success comes down to the perfect interplay of all of these factors.


    There’s so much to do! But we’re happy to support you in the process. We offer a comprehensive range of business and technical real estate services, and we help you develop the ideal combination of measures for your specific requirements.

    The benefit for you? You have a local contact – and a strong team of property and facility managers, caretakers, technicians, and parking and refurbishment experts in the background.

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    Property Services

    Managing properties. Understanding mechanical and electrical equipment. Leveraging potential


    Commercial and technical property management – with passion, expertise and a holistic view for owners and users.




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