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Climate protection, digitalisation and economic resilience – the major issues of our time are also changing the requirements for future-proof buildings. This is prompting people to look towards innovative concepts and solutions that go beyond traditional construction methods. Sustainability is an integral part of our company’s DNA and, for us, it is a consideration that goes hand in hand with functionality and cost-effectiveness.


Our construction systems are designed to be both economically sound and resource-efficient, offering flexibility in materials such as steel, concrete or wood to meet the unique requirements of your project. One of the ways in which we prioritise resource efficiency is to use optimised, prefabricated system components and recyclable materials wherever possible. Through well-thought-out concepts, ranging from optimised shells to efficient building technology and natural outdoor landscaping, we systematically conserve both resources and energy throughout the entire life cycle.


In order to provide you with a valid decision-making basis for the sustainable construction of your new industrial building, we have combined not only environmentally friendly, but also smart and economical measures in the GOLDBECK Blue Buildings. They comply with the latest sustainability standards and thus the financing and ESG requirements of the market and can be individually adjusted as required.


GOLDBECK Blue Buildings

What really sets them apart: With the help of our Blue Buildings, we can already tell you today how sustainable your individual property will be in the construction and utilisation phase. As the GOLDBECK Blue Buildings are intended to provide orientation in the sustainability jungle at all times, we regularly adapt the underlying measures to current developments on the market.


The GOLDBECK Blue Buildings focus on:


  • Energy efficiency beyond the legal requirements & use of renewable energies
  • Sustainability certification as a standard according to DGNB
  • Complying with EU taxonomy criteria: Significant contribution to “climate protection“
  • Property-specific transitory risks & decarbonisation pathway – based on the CRREM approach
  • ESG criteria – holistic view over the life cycle

Environmentally friendly, smart, economical

The GOLDBECK Blue Buildings convince in the following aspects: Cost-effectiveness, reduced carbon footprint, energy efficiency and use of renewable energies, resource efficiency and circularity as well as biodiversity and high-quality outside facilities.


There are two preconfigured variants, the Blue Building and the Blue Building Premium, as flexibly customisable options. The focus is always on the entire life cycle of the building - from planning and construction through to operation and the most circular deconstruction possible. Details on the ESG criteria met by our Blue Buildings can be found in the following illustrations.

Blue Building

A building in the GOLDBECK system with economically viable measures in the areas of energy and resource efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint in terms of construction and operation.


  • Exceeds GEG requirements by at least 10 per cent
  • At least equivalent to a DGNB Gold certification level (version 2018)
  • Aligns with EU Taxonomy criteria, making a substantial contribution to the ‘Climate protection’ environmental objective
Blue Building Premium

A building in the GOLDBECK system with comprehensive sustainability measures, including the promotion of biodiversity and an even smaller carbon footprint in terms of construction – through the optimised application of our various system components and smart material choices – and operation.


  • Significantly exceeds GEG requirements by at least 60 per cent (EG 40)
  • At least equivalent to a DGNB Platinum certification level (version 2018)
  • Aligns with EU Taxonomy criteria, making a substantial contribution to the ‘Climate protection’ environmental objective
  • Thanks to a future-oriented energy concept, the carbon footprint in terms of building operation is projected to be below the CRREM decarbonisation pathway until 2050.
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The blue future is now

The warehouse in Mülheim-Kärlich serves as a prime example of how individual sustainability measures can be effectively combined. Its notable features include decentralised heat pumps, which function in combination with a PV system to provide both heating and cooling; outside facilities to promote biodiversity through features such as replacement habitats for animals, nesting boxes, insect hotels, and flower meadows; and amenities such as break areas, electric charging stations, and bicycle shelters to enhance employee satisfaction.


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Certification of industrial buildings

Thanks to our existing multiple certification, obtaining DGNB certifications for industrial buildings constructed within the GOLDBECK-system is both straightforward and cost-effective. This allows us to effectively verify compliance with the EU Taxonomy’s environmental objective of ‘Climate protection’ through the DGNB. Our primary focus remains on the resource and energy efficiency of our products.


We work closely with our experts in energy, sustainability and innovation to continuously refine and improve these aspects. From the initial concept phase to the certification process, which also covers LEED and BREEAM, allow us to be your dedicated partners to guide you from the document preparation stage through to successful certification.

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