Our own technical service team provides professional expertise throughout Germany. We provide integrated and continuous optimisation of building processes in order to ensure the value of your building and to improve its efficiency for the long term. For this purpose, we use a digital service portal that allows us to handle power control, fault notification and documentation. In addition, a 24/7 on-call service and in-house technicians at your premises ensure optimal operation of your property

Smooth building operation

  • Our services
  • Technical facility management

    During the start-up phase, we implement all relevant processes and take care of the mechanical and electrical equipment. Our technical management team handles the regular facility maintenance and quality checks for you and coordinates the times in a way that best suits your flow of operations. And it goes without saying that we can quickly be on-site in cases of urgent malfunctions and can be relied on to handle the issue. We provide transparent documentation in real time as well as ongoing status reports. 

  • Infrastructural facility management

    Winter services, facility cleaning, care for the external facilities, security services – there are many tasks relating to your property that not only ensure a well-maintained appearance and (road) safety but that also help preserve its value over the years. But we’ve got it all covered, so no worries! We coordinate, manage and adjust the various necessary tasks – all with a focus on quality, of course. 

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