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During the life cycle of a property, the majority of the energy consumption occurs during the use phase, representing a significant cost factor. One of the most effective ways to save costs and improve the carbon footprint is therefore to optimise these consumption levels. The best way to start with this is to collect accurate consumption data, which is typically held by your energy provider or billing service provider. We provide you with the opportunity to take control of your data and use it effectively for your energy goals.


GOLDBECK +monitor is a complete solution that creates transparency and allows for control over your energy and utility consumption. It establishes the basis for active energy management and supports not only ESG reporting, but also the achievement of your decarbonisation objectives.

Well-equipped – a smart approach to tracking and optimising consumption

According to the Building Energy Act 2024 (GEG), energy monitoring must be provided for non-residential buildings with a rated output of more than 290 kilowatts (source). In this context, you are not alone. By installing and commissioning smart meters and displaying them in the dashboard for comprehensive energy monitoring, +monitor fulfils all GEG requirements for continuously monitoring, logging and analysing your consumption.


What is smart metering?
  • Computer-assisted method for recording the consumption of a property using smart metering systems
  • The necessary smart meters are intelligent devices that offer connection and transmission of the meter readings to a central communication unit
Customised performance for your property

Whether you have a new-build or an existing building, whether you want to install billing-compatible meters or set up smart meters to track, use and analyse the data, allow us to create a custom metering concept just for you. Not only do we handle the installation of the hardware solution that best suits your property and objectives, we also provide you with a dashboard for monitoring your consumption in the form of the GOLDBECK EnergyMonitor. The comprehensive package is rounded out with a whole host of related services, including software support for the GOLDBECK EnergyMonitor and seamless data transfer from the meters to the software.


All energy and utility consumption data for your property, including electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling, is recorded clearly and transparently. This information serves as a solid foundation for professional and efficient energy optimisation. A well-structured and professionally implemented energy management system based on this data can offer significant savings in terms of energy and utility consumption – for non-residential buildings of up to 30 per cent (source).

Your energy consumption at a glance
A complete solution comprising systematised hardware, intuitive software and a custom service package.
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  • Competent advice – over 15 years of smart metering experience


  • Convenient online data access – anytime, anywhere (data security tested and TÜV-certified)


  • Reliable data generation for:
    • Systematic reduction of consumption and emissions
    • Sustainable optimisation of the operating settings
    • ESG tools and sustainability reports
    • Utility cost billing
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