The roadmap to the energy revolution

Some 35 per cent of the total energy consumption in Germany is attributed to the operation of buildings, which corresponds to 13 per cent of the country’s total carbon emissions. With this in mind, it is clear that there is huge potential to be found in making existing buildings more sustainable and energy efficient.


Our dedication to sustainability is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy. As such, we have always embraced a holistic mindset and approach when it comes to the project life cycle. Right from the design stage, we take into account the different phases of a building’s life cycle, including operation, dismantling and material recycling. This all contributes to our expertise in building infrastructure and technology, not to mention our exceptional capabilities in the fields of energy optimisation and ESG, which we demonstrate on a daily basis.


Our team of experts in energy services is there every step of the way for portfolio owners when it comes to making their properties fit for the future through retrofitting.

Sustainability and energy consulting

A team of energy efficiency experts will work with you to conduct a structural survey of your buildings. Armed with all the necessary information, we will then discuss bespoke measures to transform your building into a more sustainable and efficient property.

Energy-related renovation and optimisation

By optimising your systems engineering and building technology, which can include the installation and removal of ventilation or refrigeration systems, or even the integration of a contemporary heating system, we can not only enhance the sustainability of your buildings, but also improve the overall user experience. Quite simply, we ensure that your buildings remain fit for the future.



Management of funding applications and certifications

Upgrading to more efficient systems and implementing ESG measures can sometimes involve significant costs. This is why we work with you to explore potential subsidy programs (BAFA, KfW) and offer tailored advice on potential savings. We also take charge of the DGNB certification process for your building, guiding you through the application process step by step to achieve a successful outcome.

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Energy monitoring and management

One of the most effective ways to save costs and improve your carbon footprint in the process is to reduce energy consumption levels. The best way to start with this is to collect accurate consumption data. GOLDBECK +monitor smart metering is a complete solution that creates transparency and allows for control over your energy and utility consumption.


We help you to leverage the collected data for professional energy management and ESG reporting so that you can achieve your decarbonisation goals.

Photovoltaic systems

For new-builds and existing properties


By installing photovoltaic systems, we can contribute to improving the energy balance of your properties and supply them with renewable energy. The electricity generated in this way can then be integrated into a smart overall energy concept. We develop bespoke concepts for use on your office buildings, schools, multi-storey car parks, industrial buildings and residential buildings. Relying primarily on European manufacturers, we are able to guarantee not only a high level of component availability, but also rapid turnaround times thanks to our component storage facility in Germany. We design, assemble, and install the appropriate system for your property and take care of the commissioning, maintenance, and monitoring once it is in operation.

  • 01
    1. One-to-one consulting
    One-to-one consulting
    • Analysis of the building’s consumption data to identify potential for savings and optimisation
    • Joint definition of specific customer needs and goals
  • 02
    2. Property tour
  • 03
    3. Creation of an action plan
  • 04
    4. Proposal phase
  • 05
    5. Project implementation
  • 06
    6. Project operation
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