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Our goal: a successful future for buildings. Using our technical expertise and clear service orientation, we provide reliable property management services, safeguarding and maximising valuable assets. In the process, we think about buildings over their entire life cycle. 

Team spirit, positive interaction and working on an equal footing across all organisational hierarchies are important to us in our day-to-day work. 

Facility Services

Facility Services ensures the smooth operation of buildings – technically, commercially and from an infrastructure perspective. From start-up to finish, we advise on, check and optimise building processes. It’s a holistic, continuous approach with our own technical service to keep properties in top shape. 

Property Services

Property Services actively rather than passively manages properties – from shopping centres to office buildings. Using the highest level of professionalism and care, we ensure the long-term preservation of value, even for the smallest property. We take an interest in all the details of the property and at the same time understand the needs of the users. 

Parking Services

Parking Services offers a full range of services to make parking easier, more convenient and more efficient: innovative concepts such as e-mobility, number plate recognition and contact-free payment are already standard for us today – from consulting to operation and technical maintenance. We safeguard assets and are already driving forward future mobility technologies today.  

Public Private Partnership

GOLDBECK Public Partner supports public sector customers throughout the entire life cycle of their properties – from design and construction to long-term operation. These properties may include school buildings and sports halls, office buildings as well as fire stations or police stations. 

Our jobs

There are various different ways to join
GOLDBECK Services. Find the ideal job for you!
  • Facility Services
  • Property Services
  • Parking Services
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Facility manager

    Our facility managers take over the control and planning of maintenance and official inspections. They organise special services such as repairs or building refurbishment, commission and coordinate the subcontractors involved and advise our customers, including advice on technical design. 

  • Commissioning manager

    Our commissioning managers are already involved in the planning phase of properties built by GOLDBECK and advise internal project team members and customers on the optimal technical design and use of buildings. They are our link between construction and property management and ensure a flawless transition.



  • Service technician

    Our own service technicians carry out maintenance and repairs on the technical systems and equipment in the buildings quickly and with maximum expertise. Our technicians in the electrical engineering, supply technology, cooling systems and mechanics units use cutting-edge equipment and digital tools to provide professional and personal customer service. 


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