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Do technological advancements fascinate you? Are you creative and eager to learn new things? Then you might be interested in our IPS unit (Innovations, Products and Systems). The unit is composed of three areas: Innovation, Product Development and System Development. Its objective is to secure our competitive advantage through innovations and research.


Our focus: megatrends, new technologies, startups and pilot projects.


Our Innovation team is largely composed of innovation managers and development engineers, and its focus is on strategic product development.


We analyse social, industry and market trends, which then inspire our product development plans. We also support our product managers and colleagues in strategic development fields, such as smart buildings, product-service ecosystems and sustainable material development.

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Product Development

Our Product Development team is mainly concerned with the product management and development of different types of buildings: office buildings, school buildings and residential buildings, multi-storey car parks, industrial buildings, warehouses, factory buildings, cold storage facilities and business parks.


The team’s extensive scope of activity involves architecture, sales, processing and M&E equipment, among other areas. We also focus on refining our products for the European market.

System Development

12,000 FILES
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Our System Development team consists of development engineers and technicians. They objectively focus on the new development and enhancement of our construction systems, and they work closely with the product teams on development projects. The team is responsible for our database of nearly 12,000 files from over 50 years of engineering expertise, which forms the basis for our systems. They implement new technological solutions in our existing systems, using feedback obtained from the operational units.