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The modern new office building, which was designed together with the employees, an energetically well-thought-out cold storage hall, the user-friendly multi-storey car park with future-oriented technology or the school building, which provides new and comfortable facilities for students and teachers – there are many products for sale at GOLDBECK. And this is precisely why we are looking for you!

No matter if it’s Saxon, Bavarian or English – we want to speak the language of our customers everywhere, which is why Goldbeck Sales can be found at every one of our local branches. As the face of the company, our sales engineers (sales project managers) are the first point of contact for our customers and investors and are responsible for acquisitions and consulting in their regional sales area. Their responsibilities include generating order intake, ideally with customers, projects and products that are a good match for GOLDBECK.

Our mission

We offer qualified advice on all questions regarding the construction project and provide support to the client from initial contact to the conclusion of the contract. Our core activities also include tender processing, costing and drafting the technical concept.


We also manage and coordinate the tender project team, which is made up of internal and external architects and specialist engineers. Together we develop individual designs. After commissioning by the client, our colleagues from integrated design take over responsibility for the rest of the project.

Design Well begun is half done

We have Integrated Design in our local branch offices at many locations and in our large design teams at our main sites. The designers there work with GOLDBECK system solutions in combination with individual solutions.


design teams

As GOLDBECK is a one-stop provider, architects and design specialists, as well as technicians and technical drawers from the fields of statics, sustainability, mechanical and electrical (M&E) equipment and civil engineering, work together on an interdisciplinary basis.


Our teams take on the work right from the acquisition phase, on an integrated basis and across all areas, for example in the production of visualisations for clients. This interdisciplinary teamwork is supported by Building Information Modelling (BIM). All those involved have access to the data model so that the various design phases are fully interlinked.

Design Management

Design Management is the central interface in the operational design process.


All the necessary specialist design services are coordinated on an interdisciplinary basis and the requirements from the production plants, processing and, last but not least, the clients are brought into contact with one another.


In addition to ensuring structural engineering standards and GOLDBECK systemic boundary conditions, the coordination of design processes in terms of deadlines is an essential feature of Design Management, which is undertaken by our experienced architects and civil engineers.

Integrated Design

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  • Statics/Structure Engineering
  • Construction Systems
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • M&E Equipment Systems
What is so special about working in design for me?
Working independently, solving problems together, including those beyond your area of expertise, and personal interaction within the team.