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The answer to these and other intriguing questions is “yes”! Welcome to the corporate functions at GOLDBECK.

Most of the teams that perform our corporate functions are based in our larger locations in Bielefeld, Hirschberg and Treuen. However, some of the functions are also represented in our individual local branches.

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    Accounting & Taxes

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    Process Management

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Allow us to introduce...

Our local branch management assistants.

Not familiar with this role? You’re not the only one.
It’s actually a GOLDBECK-specific occupation – one that offers immense variety.


Our local branch management assistants are responsible for the commercial aspects of project management at our local branches. This includes the structuring of contracts, the clarification of issues relating to construction law, and risk management including the monitoring of liquidity and profitability. The team handles the areas of controlling for the project and local branch, reporting, and strategic purchasing of subcontractor services.



Our goal: the best value for money.


Central Purchasing

The Central Purchasing team pools GOLDBECK’s procurement activities and integrates the areas of framework contracts and strategic purchasing. This includes supplier management, the conclusion of cooperation and framework agreements, and procurement controlling.


Plant Purchasing

The Plant Purchasing team ensures that our plants are supplied with all necessary materials at the best value for money – on time, in the right quantity and in the desired quality.