Individuality in series: GOLDBECK’s residential buildings
Robert Wall, Managing Director of GOLDBECK Nordost GmbH, and Product Manager Frank-Thomas Kronsbein are both passionate about housing. In a company podcast, they share about current projects and about how GOLDBECK’s element-based, industrial construction method helps to provide fast and affordable housing.
Podcastaufnahme bei GOLDBECK

Company podcast Systemverliebt bau|zeit Spezial #2

Residential buildings have only been in GOLDBECK’s product range since 2019, but there are already a number of projects underway throughout Germany. What was it like to get a new product off the ground? Why did the company decide to offer this product in the first place? What makes GOLDBECK residential buildings distinct? And how can GOLDBECK, with its element-based construction with a system, contribute to providing fast and affordable housing – in series, as emphasised in the German government’s current

Find answers to these questions in the company podcast “systemverliebt – bau|zeit Spezial #2”.

Residential buildings
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