Rakowice Małe, Poland

Dzień dobry!

Since 2017, GOLDBECK has been producing in Toruń, in one of our fifteen European factories. In an industrial manufacturing environment, we produce precast concrete parts systematically and individually - depending on customer requirements. These are, like our processes, part of a carefully coordinated system. This has many advantages: the quality is consistent, the construction process is largely independent of the weather, the production is economical and resource-efficient. And we are consistently working to gradually reduce the CO2 footprint of the production processes. 


Toruń is one of two GOLDBECK Comfort production sites that manufacture precast concrete parts for industrial construction in Poland and Europe. GOLDBECK turnkey construction relies firmly on competence - and many other investors do too, by sourcing prefabricated components from GOLDBECK Comfort. 


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