Learning is a key component in our corporate culture.


That’s why our GOLDBECK Campus offers over 130 different training topics. But these aren’t just standard training courses for the general public. The content is usually highly specific to GOLDBECK.


And we’ve chosen the most appropriate format for each type of material. Certain content is better suited for online training, allowing participants to study the material on their own, at any time. Other topics rely on personal interaction and dialogue with the trainer and other colleagues. And sometimes the best learning outcome is achieved through a combination of both formats.

Are you aiming to expand your area of specialisation, enhance your methodical expertise or promote your personal development? We’re happy to help.


Besides our in-house training and development programmes, we can also support you with external training offers, if needed – and without lengthy approval processes. Our regular performance and potential reviews are a good setting for arranging the right training and development plan for you.



Our big projects require big teams that know how to act as a team. In order for a large group of specialists to become a real team, we help support systematic team development – from “storming” to “performing”.

Interested in working on the coast?

Or having an office with a view of the Rhine?

Or taking a trip into the mountains as a team?


Take advantage of our decentralised corporate structure and our numerous locations in order to work where you feel best. We have round 90 locations in Europe. So, if your main place of residence changes, no problem. We’ll find a solution.  Are you looking to change the nature of your work, and not just the location? We have more than 150 different jobs for you to choose from.