Good ideas and a bit of luck

The young engineer Ortwin Goldbeck is full of ideas. He has his very own vision for modern steel construction. And he wants to stand on his own two feet in the business world. On 1 September 1969, he and seven employees establish “Goldbeck KG Hallenbau und Stahlbau” and begin the production of steel construction elements, marking the start of an outstanding success story.


A successful triumvirate

Shortly after the company is founded, Ortwin Goldbeck brings two managing directors to join him in Ummeln: his childhood friend Hans-Heinrich Knufinke in 1970, and his school friend and brother-in-law Dieter Pohlmann just two years later. While Ortwin Goldbeck concentrates on the core business – the manufacture of steel elements and the related technical innovations – Knufinke takes over the commercial management and Pohlmann focuses on the sales network.


Close to the customer

The first GOLDBECK branch is opened in Hanover-Langenhagen, Germany. This marks an important step on the path to the company’s decentralised sales network. 


Modern steel architecture

Bielefeld sees the grand opening of a forward-thinking, prestigious administration building with a supporting structure and steel facade. Known as the GOLDBECK House, the building serves as the management headquarters until 2018.


Systematic modular construction

From the mid-1980s, besides traditional industrial buildings, GOLDBECK also begins constructing office buildings and multi-storey car parks, using elements from their own production. This forms the basis of the company’s growth and its further enterprising development. About 200 people are employed at GOLDBECK at this time.

About us

Employee participation scheme

The first year after introducing an employee investment option, the company issues 160 share certificates worth 100,000 Deutschmarks. About 600 employees are working at GOLDBECK at this time. This unprecedented shareholding model will go on to receive numerous awards.


Eastward expansion

In summer of 1990, GOLDBECK opened a small, provisional construction office in a former textile plant in Falkenstein, Saxony. One year later, the company lays the foundation stone for a plant to manufacture steel elements in Treuen, Saxony.
Today Treuen is one of the largest GOLDBECK locations in Europe.

Our key to success

Expansion into Europe

To continue its strategic growth, the company establishes GOLDBECK International in 1997. The company immediately begins tapping new markets in Europe and experiences rapid growth. Today, GOLDBECK is active in over 20 European countries with branches and offices.  

Our products

Design, construction and maintenance

GOLDBECK Facility Management - today GOLDBECK Services - completed the existing product portfolio in 1998. From now on, GOLDBECK is able to look after the buildings even after completion with facility, property and parking services.


A product showroom

The first GOLDBECK System Center is opened in Bielefeld. It showcases building exhibits in their original size on an area covering 2,000 square metres and gives customers a vivid impression of element-based construction with a system.


GOLDBECK Rhomberg is founded in Austria.


In Austria, GOLDBECK joins forces with the Bregenz-based construction company Rhomberg to form a 50/50 joint venture. With bundled competences, it will from now on primarily serve the Austrian and Swiss markets.


Building redevelopment

Establishment of the Building Redevelopment unit. Besides new-builds, GOLDBECK now also carries out the design and construction of energetic, architectural and functional refurbishments.


Founding of GOLDBECK Public Partner GmbH

GOLDBECK Public Partner GmbH offers a portfolio especially tailored to the public sector, consisting of design, construction and services. For a flat fee, experts develop properties for long-term building operation, which they maintain for up to 30 years after completion.


The next generation

Ortwin Goldbeck moves to the Supervisory Board and hands over the reins to his sons Jörg-Uwe and Jan-Hendrik, who now manage the company with about 1,600 employees. His son Joachim is active in the solar industry.


Monumental growth

The construction industry experiences a huge boom after the financial crisis of 2008. GOLDBECK is well prepared for this upswing, thanks to early investments in its own prefabricated concrete plant in Hamm, Westphalia. The company has about 3,000 employees at this time.


Entrepreneur of the Year

In November 2017, Ortwin Goldbeck and his sons Jörg-Uwe and Joachim receive the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. The award recognises outstanding entrepreneurship in over 60 countries around the world and is one of the most distinguished awards in the business world.

50 years of GOLDBECK anniversary film


GOLDBECK celebrates its 50th year in business with an evening gala at the company headquarters in Bielefeld. A lot has happened since the company was founded in 1969: At this point, more than 7,000 people work at GOLDBECK.


Growing Together

That same year, French construction company GSE becomes a part of GOLDBECK. This enables the Bielefeld-based family business to cover the markets in southern Europe.


€4.1 billion in total turnover

GOLDBECK once again completes its most successful financial year since being founded.


Off to Scandinavia 
GOLDBECK acquires 100 percent of the company shares in the Danish family-owned company DS Gruppen and taps into markets in Scandinavia. DS Gruppen is a leader in the turnkey construction of commercial properties in Denmark and the production of steel and concrete building components.


Total output of over 5 billion euros, more than 11,000 employees and 104 locations in Europe.

In addition to these milestones we achieved in the business year 2021/22, another focus is on the topic of sustainability.


New precast concrete plant to be built in Kirchberg

In mid-June, the ninth precast concrete plant is built, bringing our total number of plants in Europe to 15.  A reduction in transport routes and an expansion of capacities will be achieved through the construction. From 2025, the plant is to be put into operation on an area of 20,000 square metres.



6.7 billion euros in total output, more than 12,000 employees and 111 locations worldwide.

In addition to these milestones achieved in the 2022/23 business year, there is a further focus on Europeanisation: the share of total output generated outside Germany will increase to 38 percent.