Public-private partnership – a model for success

Public-private partnerships (PPP) and life cycle models – whichever way you refer to it, the message is the same: Rather than a formal contractual relationship between the client and contractor, the focus here is on the long-term collaboration between the public and the private sector – from the design to the construction phase to the operation of the building over the course of many years.


The advantages are clear. By pooling our expertise and conducting a life cycle assessment, we can align your property’s design to best meet your needs, while also pulling out all the stops for the building’s sustainable construction and operation. You assign the contract, and we take care of the rest.

Our services
  • Integrated draft and execution design
  • Turnkey construction
  • Building servicing, including maintenance and repairs
  • Building operation, including energy management and monitoring of operating costs
  • Custom financing models for each project
  • Financing services and other measures for strategic commercial management, if requested
  • Flat-rate prices on contract terms of up to 30 years

Why PPP?

  • Rapid completion of projects
  • Increased efficiency through the integration of private sector expertise
  • Cost optimisation through life cycle assessment and competitive conditions on the part of the bidder
  • Planning assurance for public-sector budgets through flat-rate pricing on services
  • Cost transparency in the provision of public-sector properties over their entire life cycle
  • Decoupling of maintenance from the temporary public-sector budgetary situation
  • Long-term value retention of the property at a level determined by the public-sector client
  • High functional and architectural quality

GOLDBECK public partner

A public-private partnership usually proves to be faster, more economical and more timely than conventional procurement for public-sector clients. GOLDBECK Public Partner GmbH can provide project implementation throughout the entire life cycle of a property as part of a public-private partnership.


The obvious advantage here is consistently high quality combined with cost certainty throughout operation. Our portfolio comprises administrative and office buildings, school buildings and school sports halls, and buildings for security infrastructure.



From school campus to concept sports hall, from town hall to fire brigade, from residential neighbourhood to the future of urban parking – we offer precisely the customised buildings that reflect the individual needs of your community.

We’re right by your side!
Over the entire lifetime of the building – before, during and after construction.

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