Take a look behind the scenes

Our website provides the first opportunity for a glimpse behind the scenes and getting to know our colleagues. All photos and films show actual GOLDBECKers. 


The website also offers further insights about colleagues and lets you learn more about individual jobs at GOLDBECK. We are connected by a great, cooperative corporate culture, besides the career aspects. 

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Celebrating together

At GOLDBECK, we find many opportunities to celebrate. Whether for our summer festival, Christmas party, a team event or the successful completion of a project – everyone is welcome to unwind and socialise while enjoying good food, tasty drinks and (live) music.

Meet Dragana

Meet the team

“The company’s values don’t just exist in theory; they are genuinely put into practice.”


“My name is Dragana. I’m a qualified real estate management assistant and a team leader in the Property Management unit at GOLDBECK. I chose this company several years ago because it not only provides the possibility for personal development but can also offer richly diverse tasks.


With its values and corporate philosophy – and especially as a family business – GOLDBECK is an employer that I can identify with. The company’s values don’t just exist in theory; they are genuinely put into practice. And employees are given a huge measure of trust, right from day one.”


Not interested in traffic jams?

Thanks to our decentralised corporate structure, our employees can commute to work in many ways. Besides regular modes of transport – like car, bus, train or bicycle – there are also some less conventional alternatives. A colleague from Hamburg, for instance, uses his SUP board on the offshoots of the Outer Alster Lake to reach our conveniently located local branch there.

Meet Robbin

Meet the team

“Trust and a passion for performance play a major role.”


“My name is Robbin, and I work as a site manager at the Bielefeld branch. I consider GOLDBECK an exciting place to work, because its corporate philosophy is practised by everyone, at all times. You get a real sense of the company’s fairness, humanity, trust and passion for performance. The work at GOLDBECK is also characterised by a positive atmosphere with motivated colleagues. This brings joy to the job – in keeping with Ortwin Goldbeck’s mantra: ‘To be productive, one must be cheerful!”


The production area is also quite extensive and well organised. When working on a project, there’s rarely an issue or a question that cannot be answered by a competent member of the team.”


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