Future-oriented service concepts

As a strong and trustworthy partner, we support you along the path to carbon-neutral operations.

Regulations are creating new challenges for the real estate industry and demanding a response. Many stakeholders in the industry have discerned the signs of the time: those who don’t respond appropriately by making their properties environmentally compatible are gambling with the properties’ long-term value.



We are well acquainted with the market, the regulatory requirements and our clients’ specifications. As a strong and trustworthy partner, we support you along the path to carbon-neutral operations. Our experts develop innovative and future-oriented service concepts in close coordination with all stakeholders, with the primarily goal of making the life cycle of properties as long and sustainable as possible.


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Facility services

An all-round worry-free package for active, future-oriented property management is not just wishful thinking. With Facility Services, it’s an everyday reality.


For our specialists in Facility Management, the sustainability of their operations largely corresponds to the value – or increased value – of the property entrusted to them. As professionals for the use phase, we also support clients in implementing their own ESG strategy – for instance, through retrofitting smart metering including the related monitoring, or supervising certification processes for the operating phase.  

Property services

GOLDBECK’s future-oriented Property Management relies on efficient processes and in-depth property expertise, with a constant focus on properties’ sustainability and increase in value.


The Property Services team knows both the business and the technical aspects of the managed properties – making it the perfect partner for identifying, systematically assessing and efficiently implementing potential sustainability improvements on an ongoing basis.


Our service portfolio relating to sustainability includes all aspects of comprehensive consulting and actively supporting the owner in implementing the project – from gathering usage data to benchmarking to developing measures and the corresponding budget.

Parking services

Changes in people’s mobility don’t just happen overnight. They are a process. The specialists at GOLDBECK Parking Services have been monitoring changes in mobility for many years and, along the way, have been actively promoting topics relating to parking properties.


Whether it’s about using digital tools to reduce traffic searching for a parking space, expanding the infrastructure for electric charging points or fundamentally modernising parking properties in terms of environmental sustainability – GOLDBECK Parking Services is the mobility expert at your side.

Refurbishment services

Rethink. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We are convinced that rethinking is the key to sustainable improvements for tenants. The Technical Solutions refurbishment team views sustainable renovations and expansions as an integral component of environmental life-cycle assessment.


When making improvements for tenants, in particular, it’s important to plan on the basis of what already exists. That includes developing optimal layouts that take the existing property into account, along with reusing and recycling existing construction materials. The objective is to alter and dispose of as little as possible.

Sustainability consulting

GOLDBECK Sustainability Consulting specialises in being able to consider and assess ESG risks from property regulations, with the aim of identifying specific guidelines for the market.


Clients benefit from independent consulting based on the expertise and innovative abilities of the entire corporate group. The analysis of the existing property – whether through ESG DD, climate risk analysis or stranding risk analysis, for example – forms the basis for the design and development of customised solution packages to optimise the sustainability of individual buildings or entire portfolios.