Peper & Söhne GmbH

Logistics site for high-voltage batteries

DGNB Platinum certification is being sought for the logistics centre, which is operated without fossil fuels. Heat is generated using air-to-water heat pumps and underfloor heating. The latter ensures that the temperature of the stored batteries is kept at a constant 18.9 degrees to ensure their performance. In addition, air curtains are integrated into high-speed sectional doors to counteract temperature fluctuations.


The electricity required comes from a PV system on the roof with an output of 2.5 megawatts. Where no solar panels are installed, a green roof is planned. Wildflower meadows and insect hotels will also be created to promote biodiversity. Offices and social areas with showers for lorry drivers as well as charging points for electric trucks, cars and bicycles will be built around the building.

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