E-charging made easy

The number of electric vehicles is soaring, making a reliable charging infrastructure that can grow with demand essential. As a building developer and owner, you now have new obligations under the Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG).


With our flexible and needs-based GOLDBECK solution, we will not leave you to face this new challenge alone.


We cover the hardware, software, operation and maintenance, all from a single source, in a way that’s scalable and that meets your needs and those of your users. Because for us, e-mobility is an integrated concept, whether in a new-build setting or an existing building.

  • Hardware & maintenance
  • Service

1/2  pluscharge

Future-proof hardware

Get your building ready for the future with your ideal combination of hardware and software – user-friendly, intelligent and durable.


  • Can be scaled, expanded and integrated into the building technology
  • Compliant with calibration regulations, with billing capability
  • Adjustable load management


Choose from a range of charging point types for each location and need.


Note: This is an exemplary representation. It may differ from the hardware supplied.

Our service – your benefits

  • Can be retrofitted and expanded at any time
  • Charging and cable infrastructure integrated
    into the GOLDBECK system
  • Own electricity production for the building
    with a photovoltaic system
  • Charging point billing and payment
  • 1st level support for charging points
  • Charging point maintenance
  • Integration of existing charging points possible

We’re right by your side!

Over the entire lifetime of the building – before, during and after construction.