Unique nationwide: Goldbeck builds THW buildings in series
The Federal Building Office of Schleswig-Holstein (AfB), the Federal Institute for Real Estate Tasks (BImA), and the Technical Relief Agency (THW) rely on the construction and service company Goldbeck to meet the nationwide demand for new THW local association buildings. With its systematized construction method, Goldbeck quickly, economically, and with high quality, realizes the buildings for up to 60 THW local associations in series. On December 18, 2023, the AfB awarded the contract for a framework agreement.

The local associations are the “home“ of the voluntary THW forces. This is where training takes place and they are the starting point for all operations. Over the decades, a high need for modernization has arisen at many THW properties. The THW needs around 200 new local association buildings by 2030. “With conventional construction methods, this modernization offensive would hardly be feasible. With this first framework contract, we have found an innovative solution to efficiently realize the necessary new buildings,“ explains Tobias Schubotz, head of the AFB, which takes over the project management. The AfB, together with the BImA as the builder and future owner, as well as the THW as the user, is responsible for this important project.


A solution for all of Germany

The framework contract establishes uniform building types for the THW construction program. This not only standardizes the equipment and training in the THW, but the new buildings also create a uniform basis for operations throughout the federal territory. “The THW construction program is a completely new approach to cooperation. This will make the construction of new THW local association buildings faster and more economical. Because planning-intensive and expensive individual solutions are not provided for in it,“ explains Brigitte Bourscheidt, head of the Facility Management division at BImA. The buildings are tailored to the specific needs of the THW. “With the construction program, we save time and money. We don't start planning anew for each local association, but have a tailor-made standard plan for all new buildings and a uniform standard. For us as THW, it is important that our volunteers have a modern and contemporary accommodation. This also contributes to the motivation of our approximately 88,000 helpers,“ explains THW President Sabine Lackner. Work for the first local associations is already starting this spring.

Building with a system allows for series effects

In the public tender of the AfB, which was created in close cooperation with the BImA and the THW, serial planning and building was a prerequisite to meet the needs of the THW and to implement it economically. In the competition, Goldbeck convinced with a meaningful concept for the serial new buildings and the core competence: Building with a system. The company manufactures individual building elements in its own factories industrially in advance and assembles them precisely on the construction site. It works like a modular system. This is fast, economical, ensures high quality, and fits exactly to the requirements of the tender.


Creating a new home for THW Volunteers

The THW construction program, with its low-bureaucracy and innovative approach, has a high impact. It shows that construction projects in Germany can be completed quickly, economically, and with high quality. “This is the doer culture with which we can give the country a development boost. We are proud to build a new home for the volunteers of the THW,“ emphasizes Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck, managing partner of Goldbeck GmbH. In Germany, around 88,000 volunteers are involved in the THW for civil and population protection.


Equipped with the highest technical standards

The new accommodations consistently meet the sustainability aspects of the federal government. As an efficiency building 40 with an integrated heat pump and a photovoltaic system, the energy independence of the building is increased. And there is also an innovative solution for the resource water: rainwater runs into cisterns, is stored and reused. The local association building is accessible without barriers.


Responsibility beyond the construction of the buildings

Goldbeck is a partner for the entire lifecycle. The responsibility for up to 60 buildings goes beyond the key handover after construction: Goldbeck remains by the side of the building owner with their plus5 customer service for the first five years of building use. Additionally, Goldbeck Facility Services takes over the technical building management.

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