Goldbeck expands plant location in Bielefeld
Goldbeck is investing in expanding its production capacities at the company headquarters in Bielefeld-Ummeln. The development work at Plant 6 officially began today with the traditional ground-breaking ceremony. Once complete, the plant will have 3,150 square metres dedicated to the manufacture of steel structures for external wall elements. The construction and services company also just recently launched the construction of another factory building at the end of April, at its Treuen location in the Vogtland region.

“We’re investing in our production capacities across Europe. This includes the development of new production spaces, the automation of our manufacturing processes and the modernisation of existing facilities. Today’s ground-breaking ceremony is an important part in this long-term strategy,” explains Jörg-Uwe Goldbeck, Managing Partner at Goldbeck. Dr Wulf Härtel, Managing Director of Goldbeck Bauelemente GmbH, adds: “With the new-build of Plant 6, we are further enhancing our productivity at the Bielefeld location. We will complete the factory building at the beginning of 2023; and by the start of 2024, we will be equipped to manufacture about 30,000 steel structures a year here. These will subsequently be processed into completed external wall elements at our plant in Hamm.”


With an area of approximately 3,150 square metres, the new Plant 6 is being constructed on Bottroper Straße as an extension to the existing Plant 5, which was completed in 2020. The centrepiece of the new factory building will be its semi-automated production line. The facility will also consist of new common areas, including changing rooms and break rooms. “Besides increasing our efficiency, our plant expansions are always geared towards ensuring continued occupational safety and further improving our employees’ quality of life at the workplace. After all, the new-build will also result in new jobs, of course,” explains Dr Wulf Härtel.

Goldbeck currently has more than 9,000 employees across Europe. Goldbeck’s success story began in 1969 with seven employees and the construction of the first factory building at Ummelner Straße 4, for the manufacture of steel structures. Today, the company premises comprise approximately 45,000 square metres of production space and over 25,000 square metres of office space.


And it goes without saying that the new factory building is being built using Goldbeck’s typical modular construction method. Besides its high level of efficiency, this system offers a further advantage: it conserves resources and cuts down on a considerable amount of the emissions that are usually produced. This is attested to, among other things, by the multiple certification awarded to several of our products by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The Goldbeck systems for industrial buildings and office buildings are pre-certified at the Gold level, which is indicative of their high degree of sustainability both in construction and in operation. Furthermore, all Goldbeck plants are equipped with photovoltaic systems and utilise green electricity. This alone enables the company to save more than 1,500 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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