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A roof is just a roof? No, this claim does not hold up – and nor does the assertion that usage profiles (for example for office buildings, production halls, indoor car parks or logistics facilities) are all identical. If solar systems and buildings therefore really are to be optimally aligned to each other, prerequisites and requirements must be analysed. GOLDBECK Solar has the right solution for every profile and every commercial roof with its in-house developed systems SUNOLUTION and SUNOVATION® which are optimised for flat roofs – with reliable assembly and operation for a long lifetime and user-friendly construction.

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As a low-ballast subconstruction for photovoltaic systems, GOLDBECK SUNOLUTION is ideally suited for use on large flat-roofed areas. Utilising aerodynamic effects, the loads on the building are reduced and yet still guarantee secure positioning and full functionality (e.g. free water flow and lightning current-carrying capacity). The construction made of lightweight plastic support elements and moulded sheet metal parts permits quick and flexible assembly. Together with a continuous structural analysis, SUNOLUTION provides maximum safety for your roof and economically viable operation in the South and East-West variants.


GOLDBECK SUNOVATION® is the robust subconstruction for special applications. For more than 10 years, this system has successfully permitted the construction of photovoltaic systems even on vacant roof areas that could not previously have a photovoltaic system fitted. SUNOVATION® combines the entire know-how of the GOLDBECK Group ranging from structural engineering, construction and structural analysis to create a unique and high-quality product. The vertical and horizontal loads are transferred to a few points on the supporting structure of your building, meaning that the roof area is not subjected to load, and is easy to view and to maintain. The special assembly also helps to preserve your roof, as much of the pre-assembly can take place on the ground. Due to its "suspension", the system permits optimum maintainability of the roof, for example also on green roofs. Together with the continuous structural analysis, SUNOVATION® provides maximum safety for your roof as well as economically viable operation.

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