Everything from a single source

Here at GOLDBECK, upgrading your property with photovoltaic systems represents an integral part of our construction and service offering, from planning and implementation through to maintenance. This means you can count on having everything from a single source. Whether we’re working on new-builds or existing buildings, our trade crews collaborate seamlessly to enhance your property with cost-effective and high-end photovoltaic solutions.

Are you ready for the energy revolution?

Commercial properties hold immense potential for the energy revolution – especially up on the roof! Just think about all that untapped space ready and waiting to be kitted out with photovoltaic systems.


We know that photovoltaics are a complex business. In the quest for high-quality systems with a sustainable origin, not to mention maximum transparency regarding costs and performance, there are several factors to consider. The time-consuming research and limited comparability across various manufacturers and products make it difficult to establish a comprehensive overview, not to mention the various laws and regulations that also have to be taken into account.


We deliver clarity.

We make properties fit for the future

Our dedicated team is always on hand to support portfolio owners with future-proofing their properties, retrofitting them for sustainability, and making the most of their commercially viable rooftop spaces. After carefully establishing your needs, we not only design your new photovoltaic system, but also handle the assembly and installation, and ensure seamless maintenance, service, and monitoring during operation. We factor in your sustainability goals at every stage of the process and actively support the successful implementation of your ESG strategy.

Sustainable photovoltaic systems for new-builds and existing properties

The installation of photovoltaic systems not only provides your property with renewable energy, but also improves its carbon footprint in the process. We can then seamlessly integrate the electricity generated in this way into a smart overall energy concept, since sustainability is all about taking a holistic approach rather than isolated measures.


  • European manufacturers are always our first port of call; however, certain components (including solar cells) cannot be manufactured in sufficient quantities in Europe. This is why GOLDBECK chooses to support manufacturers who are committed to Europe as a production location.
  • We store components in a central warehouse in Germany to ensure high parts availability.
  • Sustainable photovoltaic systems for new-builds and existing properties: on the roofs of offices and school buildings, multi-storey car parks, industrial buildings and residential buildings.
EEG consultations, financial support options and utilisation models

We have extensive experience with the framework set by the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) and ensure we are constantly up to date. We are only too happy to pass this knowledge on to you, offer any guidance you may need along the way, and recommend relevant options for financial support. Allow us to talk you through the various utilisation models and remuneration options (full feed-in, surplus feed-in or supply to third parties) that suit both your goals and your property.

  • 01
    1. One-to-one consulting
    One-to-one consulting
    • Structural survey and requirements analysis: Which photovoltaic system suits your building and your goals?
    • One-to-one consulting on photovoltaic systems: From services and costs to potential subsidies and application processes, we know everything there is to know about setting up the perfect system
  • 02
    2. Planning
  • 03
    3. Procurement and logistics
  • 04
    4. Assembly and commissioning
  • 05
    5. Monitoring and maintenance
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