Equipped for the future in terms of technology and energy efficiency, our office buildings combine creative design with comfortable and flexible workplaces – facilitating successful collaboration.

This is where office buildings from GOLDBECK have the edge, as they are not only unique in form and function, but they also meet the requirements of an increasingly complex working world. By combining flexible room modules, we can design modern office buildings according to our clients’ specific needs. And with the GOLDBECK comfort levels, we enable clients to quickly and easily configure their individual degree of comfort.  

  • Comprehensive consulting and design 
  • Sampling in our System Centers and with the aid of the GOLDBECK VR worlds 
  • Custom design of building structures and layouts, facades and external facilities 
  • Flexible spatial and office concepts  
  • High-quality features with the highest ambient and acoustic standards, heat insulation and protection against break-ins 
  • Systematised technical building equipment 
  • Installation of building automation and other smart building components 
  • Sustainability throughout the building’s life cycle and implementation according to the desired energy standard 
GOLDBECK office environments

Interested in experiencing a GOLDBECK office building virtually, and even designing one yourself? It’s easy! A simple click will take you to our digital office world – with videos, a VR tour and now also with our Tool "Office IDEA" for trying out different spatial concepts. Let’s get started!



GOLDBECK Rhine-Main, Gateway Gardens
The office of the future

 A modern-day campfire

Based on our experiences from the pandemic, if we prudently combine time at the office and time working from home, the office will take on a new role in the future. It will become a “modern-day campfire”, a place of social interaction and a meeting point for creative and spontaneous brainstorming and project work as a team. 

We’re at your side!

Over the entire lifetime of the building – before, during and after construction.

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