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Do you see building information modelling (BIM) as the future of construction? So do we!


That’s why about 60 colleagues at GOLDBECK are dedicated to this field. They are divided into individual teams focussed on 3D digital surveying, research, design, planning, project management, BIM management and software development, and they ensure the networking of all relevant project data during the design, construction and operating phase.

Use of BIM

Our principle of systematic modular construction combined
with our integrated design provides the ideal foundation for our work.
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BIM (building information modelling) is a software-supported approach to the optimised design, construction and management of buildings. The building is displayed in its entirety in a digitally visualised design model, connecting the various teams, such as architecture, system and structural engineering, and mechanical and electrical equipment.



We keep things

An indispensable team. Our colleagues from the IT Infrastructure department ensure that all IT services are in working order and are readily available at all workstations. Besides the peripheral hardware, this includes telecommunications, the networking of locations, the operation of data centres and support for our users.