Goldbeck invests in Treuen location
Goldbeck invites local councillors to celebrate the traditional groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory building off the Mittlerer Ring.

Treuen, 26 April 2022. The Mittlerer Ring is welcoming new growth as the construction and service company Goldbeck expands its production capacities in Treuen. For Goldbeck Bauelemente Treuen GmbH, a new factory building with an office extension for sheet metal production will be built at the location by the end of April 2023. On Tuesday 26 April 2022, the client celebrated the traditional groundbreaking ceremony together with local councillors. “This new factory building represents our commitment to investing not only in our Treuen location, but also in the future of the entire company,” explains Lars Luderer, Managing Director of Goldbeck GmbH.


The groundbreaking ceremony marks the start of extensive work ahead, with space for automated production being created over an area spanning around 7,000 square metres. Going forward, roof and facade edge parts as well as cassettes for facades and panels in particular will be produced here – system components that can be found in every Goldbeck product. “Our plant in Treuen is an important manufacturer of these construction elements for Goldbeck,” explains Dr Wulf Härtel, Managing Director of Goldbeck Bauelemente Treuen GmbH. “This new facility for sheet metal production will allow us to double our production capacities in Treuen and acknowledge the positive development of our incoming orders in the process.” The new factory building is complemented by an office extension spanning around 1,200 square metres. Among other things, this provides breakout spaces and changing rooms for the production staff. “It is important to us to create an excellent environment and a high quality of life for our employees in these areas,” stresses Dr Wulf Härtel. After all, the expansion of the company’s production capacities is also creating new workspaces.

Goldbeck is bringing the project to life through its usual systematic construction method, whereby essential elements are industrially prefabricated, delivered to the construction site and then assembled on site within a very short time. In addition to cost and schedule reliability, this construction method offers the further advantages of conserving resources and cutting down on a considerable part of the CO2 emissions that are usually produced. Furthermore, Goldbeck is aiming for a gold certification from the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) for its new building, which will even feature a photovoltaic system on the roof. “Once the building is complete, we will be planting 32 deciduous trees and 2,000 square metres of native shrubs around the site and even installing nesting boxes for birds,” enthuses Lars Luderer.


The family-owned company has been operating in Treuen since 1992, back when Goldbeck only had around 30 employees. Today, the location is one of the largest employers in the region with a current total of more than 1,000 staff. “The new building provides us with scope for further growth and the opportunity to continue on our positive development trajectory,” says Lars Luderer about the project.

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