Goldbeck celebrates the groundbreaking of Module 8 at the Siemens Campus Erlangen

In November 2022, Goldbeck was officially commissioned with the realisation of Modul 8 – a pioneering office building at the world's largest Siemens site in Erlangen. The groundbreaking ceremony last week marked the start of construction. Three new, CO2-neutral office buildings and biodiverse outdoor facilities will be built on an 80,000 square metre site by the end of 2025, offering employees in the digital industries a modern working environment. What makes it special: Alongside “The Move“ in Frankfurt, this is already the second joint project between Siemens and Goldbeck that focuses on the highest sustainability standard


The groundbreaking ceremony for Module 8 was attended by a number of special guests, including the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, Mayor Dr. Florian Janik and Siemens CEO Prof. Dr. Ralf P. Thomas. The campus and its expansion are of great importance for the region. Not only because it will create jobs for up to 20,000 people, but also because important impulses and inventions in the fields of “automation and digitalisation“ and “CO2-neutral industry“ will be sent out into the whole world from here. 


Goldbeck is realising the three building sections with around 42,000 square metres of office space on behalf of Siemens as “all-electric buildings“, which are supplied purely electrically and regeneratively via highly efficient air heat pumps on the roofs of the buildings. The electricity for this comes from CO2-neutral wind power providers and the photovoltaic systems on the roofs. The biodiversity concept includes a 15,000 square metre open space as well as green facades and roofs. Upon completion, the campus is to be certified with the international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold standard, thus meeting the highest sustainability standards. The campus is already CO2-neutral in operation. 


When the contract was signed in November 2022, Dr. Michael Six, Managing Director of Goldbeck Deutschland GmbH and Chief Sustainability Officer, explained: "Together with Siemens, we have set ourselves high sustainability targets and for the first time contractually committed to meeting a maximum CO2 value per square metre built in addition to the price and deadline. This will be an exciting challenge, but one from which we can also learn a lot for future projects."


Jörg Vocke, CEO of employer Siemens Real Estate, praised the cooperation with Goldbeck at the groundbreaking ceremony last week: "The campus shows how CO2 neutrality can be realised in new-builds today. When it comes to sustainable construction, we always rely on the latest technologies – including those from our own company – and with Goldbeck as our turnkey contractor we have an innovative partner."


The construction and services company, which is active throughout Europe, will have completed the three office buildings at Siemens' largest office location worldwide by the end of 2025. Goldbeck is realising the buildings in the systematised construction method typical of the company. Essential building components such as supporting structures, floors and walls are industrially pre-produced in the company's own plants. Compared to conventional construction methods, this not only ensures cost and schedule certainty, but also saves a considerable amount of the resources and emissions that are usually generated. By using low-clinker concrete, the company can also make significant CO2 savings. In addition, there are high recycling rates for materials such as steel and aluminium.


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