Double hand-over of keys in Lemgo: Astrid Lindgren School and Vocational Support Centre
Goldbeck Public Partner GmbH built both buildings and now takes over the operation for 25 years.

Educational facilities in Lemgo, North Rhine-Westphalia, in 2019 after a complex tendering and award process at the end.

The Astrid Lindgren School is a special school with a focus on "mental development", while the Vocational Support Centre houses its vocational practice level on the Innovation Campus a few kilometres away, as well as - and this is a special feature - two classes of a vocational college. The fact that two different schools share the premises is new for the district of Lippe and serves to promote inclusion in practice. There is a common cafeteria, the teachers of both schools have a common staff room and thus the best conditions for a regular exchange.

The Astrid Lindgren School also offers areas for joint use: the Karla Raveh Comprehensive School opposite has access to the teaching kitchen, and clubs use the sports and swimming hall. Both new school buildings implement current pedagogical concepts to a special degree - as marketplace schools in which the classrooms and their adjoining rooms are grouped around a central area. This creates space for inter-class activities and communication. Both buildings are constructed using the Goldbeck system construction method and meet the passive house standard.

The guests at the ceremony on 15 February included the District Administrator of the Lippe District, Dr Axel Lehmann, the Chairman of the Education Committee, Dr Peter Pahmeyer, and Carsten Hense, Business Unit Manager of GPP.

Dr Axel Lehmann, District Administrator of the District of Lippe: "With the new buildings, the District of Lippe is continuing to develop its school landscape in a future-oriented way. Because good education is the key to a good future."

"We are confident that the further cooperation with the district of Lippe will succeed excellently. Especially in view of the 25-year building maintenance of the new school, the partnership cooperation is immensely important to us," says Carsten Hense, Business Unit Manager at Goldbeck Public Partner.

Dr Peter Pahmeyer, Chairman of the Education Committee: "The exposed location of the new educational facilities on the Innovation Campus as well as on Vogelsang enables the pupils to enjoy optimal conditions for their apprenticeship and thus good opportunities for cooperation and inclusive encounters."

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