A passion for the extraordinary

Out of love for special wines, Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck has acquired a vineyard in the Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca. Dilapidated production buildings bear witness to its former existence as “Bodega Santa Catarina”.  By chance, he learned about the “wine punk” Domenic Amat Kreft – a passionate student from the Geisenheim wine academy – through Manager magazine. He subsequently inspired him with his idea of breathing new life into the old winery. In March 2022, the 26-year-old winemaker moved to the Spanish island and launched his unconventional wine creations there.

A magical location

Anyone who visits the winery in the sun-drenched Serra de Tramuntana immediately feels the magic of the place. It is where people meet to celebrate the art of winemaking as part of events, guided tours, wine tastings and company outings – and of course at the grape harvest. A love of nature, biodiversity and organic processing is present everywhere. The name “Terra IóN” refers to the particularity of the terroir and its closeness with nature, but also to the energy that an ion – a charged atom – brings with it.

A vintage with pioneering spirit

“The first vintage with autochthonous grapes from the Terra IóN winery reflects my passion for wine, the terroir, craftsmanship and closeness with nature,” explains Domenic Amat Kreft. Inspired by Viognier, Giró Ros and Prensal Blanc, the cuvée produces a balanced yet complex wine that nevertheless retains its Mallorcan lightness, where grapefruit meets pomelo and mangosteen. This debut promises many exciting vintages to come thanks to a strong commitment to quality and pioneering spirit.